Our Company
  • In 1994

    the predecessor company was established

  • 12.1million

    registered capital

  • 20+

    member companies

  • China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park Public Utilities Development Group Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as "CS Public Utilities" or "CSPU") is an integrated operator of green public utilities with environmental services as the core. Its business covers the traditional utilities (water affairs, gas and thermal power), integrated environmental services (sludge treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, solid waste disposal, kitchen waste disposal, etc.) as well as new energy services (central cooling, distributed photovoltaics, light source technology, sewage source utilization and business of electricity sales, etc.).

    The predecessor of CSPU was the Suzhou Industrial Park Public Utilities Development Co., Ltd. established in 1994. In 2002, it established the group company. With the registered capital of 1.21 billion Yuan, it currently has 7 holding subsidiaries, 1 joint controlling company, and 13 joint stock companies.

    Sustainable Development

    We are pursuing the value concept of sustainable development, and building the ecological chain, thus creating a unique industrial circulation system in China, and demonstrating the tremendous power of the green economy.